The Digital Arts Workshop will meet on Saturday afternoons from 1-3pm, for a 9-week period beginning on January 25th, 2014. Our meeting dates and tenative plans are as follows:

  • JAN 25 :: Orientation & Introductions; Mini lesson: The Eternal GIF
  • FEB 1 :: Mini lesson: Kinetic Text Animation
  • FEB 8 :: Mini lesson: TBA
  • FEB 15 :: Mini lesson: TBA
  • FEB 22 :: Mini lesson: TBA
  • MAR 1 :: Mini lesson: TBA
  • MAR 8 :: Mini lesson: TBA
  • MAR 15 :: Mini lesson: TBA
  • MAR 22 :: Final day // Show and Tell & Wrap-up


The Digital Arts Workshop will be meeting weekly in a computer lab located at the UIUC Media Commons (Room 289 Undergraduate Library).  This facility is housed in the Undergraduate Library (the underground one near the main quad) on the upper-most level. The space is well-labelled and there should be someone at the desk to help direct you to the Media Commons if you need a hand. In the days to come, I should hopefully be able to share our designated lab number and more specific directions. For now, feel free to check out the Media Commons’ website for more information about what their facilities will offer our Workshop!



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