Agenda :: 3/8

Today’s trick: Make any photo look like an oil painting in Photoshop!

Impressions of Nic Cage

Today, I’m going to show you a really easy trick you can use in Photoshop to make any photo look like a detailed oil painting. The only tool you’ll really be using is the smudge tool, but you’ll also be experimenting with different brush sizes and shapes along the way.

  1. First thing you need to do is find a photo, as usual. I picked this picture of Nicolas Cage, an actor who I find hilariously bad in most things.Nicolas-Cage
  2. Open it up in Photoshop, and find the Smudge tool in the tools panel on the left-hand side. You can find it by clicking and holding the blur “water drop” icon, and looking for the finger: tools
  3. Up at the top, find the brushes panel and click. You should have a selection of different types to choose from, but I find a fan brush is a good one to start with. brushes

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