agenda :: 2/15

today: digital collage/play day


today for my mini lesson, i’d like to show you some work by artists who use digital imaging software like photoshop to reinvent the old idea of collage. collage has always been about experimenting, mixing and matching, and juxtaposing seemingly unrelated images to come up with a new work. with so many images at your fingertips online, it seems like a no-brainer for today’s artists to use this wealth of media for their own work. here’s a few examples of what people are doing with digital collage today. what tools within photoshop do you think each artist is using? what are the basic elements that each picture is made up of?

ok, so your assignment today (if you choose to accept it) is pretty open ended. if you’d like, surf the web for interesting images, tinker around in photoshop, and create your own digital collages. its up to you how simple or complex they should be, and what tools you will use within photoshop.  feel free to experiment on your own with the various tools in photoshop like layers, masking, filters, etc. if digital collage just isn’t your thing, that’s fine, you’re more than welcome to direct yourself towards something else you’d prefer to work on. here’s some helpful tutorials i’ve run across in the past week that i thought you all might be interested in:

  • 35 collage photoshop tutorials :: even if you don’t follow these to the letter, it can be helpful to read through and learn some tips and tricks
  • character design tutorials :: it seems like a lot of you are interested in designing and drawing your own characters for various reasons – this is a good list of projects you might try out to hone your skills in illustrator or photoshop
  • :: since a lot of you are interested in digital painting with your tablets, this website has a lot of great info for beginners or more advanced users.
  • :: this website has a lot of high quality tutorials on a lot of subjects including design & illustration, web design/coding, music/audio, 3d & motion graphics. take a look here if you’re looking for some help navigating a specific subject
  • you suck at photoshop :: this youtube channel is devoted to teaching you how to be better at photoshop. well, kind of. it is sorta entertaining and you might learn a few tricks along the way.

ok, now go off on your own and see what you can do. give me a holler if you’ve got any questions or problems i can help out with!


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